The Design Process

The Landscape Design Process  usually involves
three meetings with the Client.

At the first meeting we would discuss  the Client's  
requirements and budget and assess the site.
During this time we would provide a firm Quote for the  
Design and the optional 3D Design.

At the second meeting, we would show our Concept  
Drawings and Images. At this stage any modifications  
and revisions needed could be agreed upon.

At the third meeting we would present the finished  
CAD Drawings and Images.

Factors influencing our Design Fee include the size of  
the site, the terrain and slope of the land, existing  
features, the availability of house and site plans and  
the Client's Brief.

A Design Fee for an 'average' block might   be
$900 to $1200 for a 2D Design and 40% extra for 3D.

The Design Process
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